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A lot of new type of road name plates are arriving
Source:湘旭交安    Datetime:2016-06-30     Views:0

A lot of new type of road name plates are arriving,it is a good news to people who obsessed with road. 

Article : A new batch of traffic road name plates arrived at Chengdu on May.23,2016. The beautiful, clear, standard and brief style give a new experience to citizens. Mam no need to worry about my losing now, one of citizens joked.

A new style road name plates has instead of light box road name plates in East Annan road. Previous road name plates is divided into three patterns-Light box type,flagpole type and Stick a wall type. And now, a new style of road name plate with more beautiful appearance, simple and functional are produced to instead the older one. New style of road name plates use reflective film , and don't need electricity at night. It is more environmental and high visible.

In addition,New style road name plates layout adopt bilingual setting,Not only can display the name can also display direction, such as the East, South, West, North.Highlighting the road directivity,To facilitate the public in accordance with the guidelines timely arrival,Chengdu line with the general requirements of construction and planning.

There are many more selective for new road name plate in Xiangxu Traffic. In style, there are Tmodel,F model, Hefei road name plates, Imitation Roman road name plates,beijing model road name plates,multidirectional road name plates.In the material, there are aluminum,Galvanized,stainless steel to meet the demand of different customer.

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Factory: Datangwan,qingshan town,Yuelu Dist,Changsha, Hunan Prov. 410007,China
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Tel: 86-731-89702873
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